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SUMMARY: ...If you’re looking for an ultra-versatile, larger size for your quiver that you can still make a lot of shapes with, across a really wide spectrum of winds and manoeuvres, this deserves a look!

KW LIKED: ‘Go anywhere, do anything’ performance from a kite that feels light, playful and fast (while remaining very accessible), even in a bigger size.

KW WOULD CHANGE: ...Not much to change, we’re seeing really quick improvements from Eleveight and this product is pretty banging.

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We are excited to announce that we will now be carrying Lip Sunglasses at  Get your hands on all three watersports sunglass models: Typhoon - the ultimate watershade, Surge - the essential accessible watershade, and Flo - the universal floating sunglasses.

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Eleveight, Product Review -

ELEVEIGHT FS - The Kite Mag Ultimate Test and Review What's the best freestyle kite on the market? The Eleveight FS kite! That's right, after extensive testing The Kite Mag announced in its Ultimate Test Guide that the Eleveight FS was the winner of best "freestyle kite".  The test was completed in Dahkla, Western Sahara.  The test team included experience kiters ranging from 5 - 19 years of kiteboarding experience...they know their stuff.   Here is the written review on the Eleveight FS: The FS is now in its third generation and pops its head firmly above the parapet as a solid contender...

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Product Review, RRD -


There are two sides to the Religion for different riders. Because the low end and power generation is good, lighter or strapless riders can enjoy getting on a small kite early while strapped or bigger riders can take advantage of the strong pull and power that the Religion is capable of at its top end. There are a lot of soft and / or super forward flying kites on the market. The Religion is still treading its own path, is incredibly strong and can pretty much be what you want it to be if you size it right. 


Improved response, a lighter bar impulse and super-tough build quality. 


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Kite Repair - Leading Edge Blowout

We received another Blade kite with a leading edge blowout and got it back on the water for another happy customer! This one required quite a bit of stitching with the leading edge tear going up into the canopy.

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