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2023, Eleveight, wing -

The 2023 WFS wings have finally landed in North America.  The WFS provides easy handling freeride performance for all new wingers.  The wing utilizes the industry leading Teijin canopy and leading edge materials that, combined with the wings improved aerodynamic re-design, creates a solid aerofoil providing great power delivery, handling and maximum drift performance for downwind runs and surfing those sweet waves. 

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2023, RS -

The new Eleveight RS V6 is the designed for non stop freeride perfomance that likes to mix it up with freestyle and in the surf. New to kiting? Get the RS.  Been kiting for a while and need to upgrade those old kites? Get the RS.  Looking for top freeride performance that will suit your all around kiteboarding style? Get the RS.   It's simple need a kite? Get the RS.  Math is on point too: New Kite = RS    

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2023, XS -

What does World Champion Arthur Guillebert ride when chasing storms to get maximum boosts and insane megaloops?  The answer is a no-brainer the  new 2023 Eleveight XS V3 kite. BOOM! Get your hands on one to feel the rush.

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