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Brunotti - RDP - Brunotti's kiteboard and surf products stand behind the RDP motto which stands for Rider Developed Product.  The equipment is designed and tested by kiteboarders who understand the rigors and expectations that kiteboarders have for their equipment.

Second to the RDP ethos is the motto - No Matter the Conditions - Brunotti strives to create kiteboards,  wetsuits/waterwear and kite accessories that allows kiters to perform at their best in challenging conditions.  Whether you are learning to go upwind on a kiteboard, to making massive frontside wave hacks on frigid overhead Pacific Ocean waves or doing handlepasses during our cold Canadian spring and fall seasons, Brunotti strives to make a product that will help you excel in challenging conditions.

Brunotti has been producing watersports equipment since 1979 - let's just say that Brunotti knows a thing or two about challenging conditions.  Italian sportsman Claudio Brunotti made his mark with a distinct style, colour and quality - which became Brunotti's signature design aesthetic since 1979.  The colourful and unique kiteboarding wetsuit designs, surfboards and kiteboards to this day still exhibit Claudio Brunotti's signature style.

Let's cut the chit-chat and get to the all important size charts.  A good fitting wetsuit is critical to keeping you warm.  The following men's and women's wetsuit size chart should help guide your purchasing decision.  Just below the wetsuit size chart is also the Brunotti Harness size chart. (P.S. we made these size charts big as possible to make them a bit easier to read...)

Brunotti Men's Wetsuit Size Chart | Brunotti Women's Wetsuit Size Chart | Brunotti Kite Harness Size Chart

We're not done yet with the size charts! Brunotti also has a helmet size chart, kiteboard impact vest size chart and a footwear size chart - for booties!

Brunotti Kite Helmet Size Chart | Brunotti Kite Impact Vest Size Chart | Brunotti Neoprene Booties Size Chart