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We are so stoked to have connected Gord L. with a WMFG six-pack traction pad.  Gord shaped himself a nice looking kite surfboard with a carbon fiber deck reinforcement.  The white WMFG pads sure do make a cool "stormtrooper" look as Gord aptly named it. The board has a bit of an Eleveight Escape shape and look to it, which can be found on our webstore here. Well done Gord. Keep on shredding!

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With two front foot pads and a little bit of ingenuity using the custom nature of the two-piece sections he was able to perfectly place the traction pad around his foot pad setup.  Look out for Matthias' shredding on his "dreamboard" in Germany!

WMFG Traction Pad Custom Install WMFG Traction Pad Custom Install

WMFG Traction Pad Custom Install

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Check out a written interview that the Kiteboarder Magazine did with Lip Sunglasses that appeared in their magazine.

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Eleveight, Product Review -

SUMMARY: We should commend Eleveight because we find it very hard to find fault with any of their products that we test. The Process has everything dialled to the point where it’s super easy but not so sedate that you’ll tire of it any time soon. Most riders of any size will never need anything more than this, and the Process is going to bring the best out of an intermediate’s riding within the first few sessions. A real progression-session sort of board, granting you access to good performance without having technical skill.

Ease of use. This board makes you feel like a rockstar, even if you only know a few chords.

Graphically, it’s quite safe.

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Eleveight, Kite, RS -

 The 2021 Eleveight RS.  There is a reason this is the best-selling kite, three-strut crossover versatility for all disciplines and wind conditions.  The RS means high-performance for everyone!

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