Eleveight, Freestyle, FS -

“It does not matter what and how you do it - enjoy the Ride and always RIDE HARD.” - Arthur Guillebert

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Eleveight, FS -

Eleveight Kiteboarding welcomes David "Handel" Tonijuan to its team.

The Eleveight FS Kite is perfect for riders like "Handel" with big controlled popping power, stability and slack, characteristics that define the Eleveight FS kite. 

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We are quite happy to be able to ride the Eleveight FS kite in butter flat water and double overhead surf.  While the kite is marketed toward freestyle kiteboarders it is well suited for freeriding as well.  We are excited to do some freestyle kiteboarding in Alberta and the occasional trip to the Oregon Coast on the Eleveight FS kite.  With the Eleveight FS, you can ride in various condition wondering should I take an Eleveight Kitesurf board, Brunotti Freestyle kiteboard or a foil out for this session!

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