Twintip Kiteboards | Directional Kitesurf Boards 

Full Lineup of Brunotti and Eleveight Kiteboarding twintip and directional surfboards for any type of rider.  Whether you're looking for a kiteboard to boost huge over Alberta, Canada or a directional surfboard for some strapless airs in Ontario or swell in Halifax there is a board in the lineup for you.

Brunotti has been at the top of the game for twintip kiteboards for many years.  Many remember how good the first model of the Youri Zoon Pro Model kiteboard was with great pop and smooth landings combined with an equally good upwind pedigree.  Brunotti has expanded their kiteboard lineup with models for freestyle, freeride and newer riders from entry level boards to the most cutting edge technology in board design.  Brunotti even has a junior kids kiteboard!

Eleveight Kiteboarding also has an equally varied lineup with four twin-tip models suited for wakestyle, freestyle and freeride kiters as well as two beautiful looking directional surfboards.  These boards don't only look good but also ride very well! The Eleveight Curl surfboard is suited for bigger surf conditions meanwhile the Eleveight escape kitesurf board is suited for waves and strapless freestyle with a stubbed nose and wider surface area allowing the wind to push the board onto your feet to help you stick your first strapless airs or stomp your strapless double fronts.

Also available for the kiteboard lineups are the two types of Brunotti footstraps, the Uni high-performance footstraps and the Aquaclamp entry level footstraps.  The Uni high-performance bindings offer comfort and control for any kiteboard.  We love these and highly recommend them.  Eleveight also has a board interface offering for its kiteboards with the Airgo Footstraps.  The Airgo footstraps feature memory foam cushioning and adjustability.


Kiteboards and Kiteboarding equipment are available for delivery in Calgary, Alberta.  Delivery at other Alberta kite spots can be arranged.  We will happily ship across Alberta in Red Deer, Edmonton, and Grande Prairie.  We also ship to kiteboarders and kitesurfers across Canada in BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, PEI, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nunavut, NWT, Yukon, USA, you name it we'll get it there for you to enjoy your kite.  Don't forget to add a kite, wetsuit or other kiteboard bags and accessories.