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Loaded with the latest high-tech materials dedicated for pure freestyle-performance, the Commander raises the bar of what’s possible on the water and in the air.

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Eleveight Commander The Kite Mag Ultimate Test Freestyle Kiteboard Winner

Made for radical manoeuvres and insane technical freestyle tricks, the Commander delivers the second the board touches the water. Leaving no room for error, the construction is designed with a combination of performance-tech materials and craftsmanship that give it’s secret to success. Naturally, Arthur Guillebert, our lead tester, renowned freestyler and big air prodigy, has selected the Commander as his board of choice.


Performance Features:

  • High-performance freestyle twintip for hardcore maneuvers
  • Triax Carbon Composite stringer for optimized flex and durability
  • Double Torsion Diffuser on tips for more pop and easy landings
  • Medium to hard flex for immediate board control
  • Multi-channel bottom design for ultimate grip

Design Considerations:

Driven by our relentless passion for kiteboarding and technology, V3 is packed with new innovations including a wider CFT stringer for an insanely responsive rebound flex, and the Parabolic Rails add more grip with better upwind ability. The bevelled rails optimize flex giving more speed and an easy release, and the advanced flex pattern allows the rider to hold the edge much longer than with any other board. Harnessing this power, the board’s incredible release allows for maximum pop, and the Double Torsion Diffuser cushions easy landings.

The Commander carries the essence of freestyle kiteboarding.

 Designer Quote – Franz Schitzhofer:

"My passion project, the essence of my experience. The commander is a raging freestyle beast ready to boost daring riders into new spheres."

Eleveight Commander Kiteboard - Riding Style

Commander Kiteboard Construction

Eleveight Commander Kiteboard - Size and Weights

Eleveight Commander Kiteboard - Rocker Profile

Eleveight Commander Kiteboard - Flex Design

Eleveight Commander Kiteboard - Outline

Eleveight Commander Kiteboard - Bottom Shape

From The Kite Mag's Ultimate Test Report (2020):

The Eleveight Commander's aggressive looks from its heavily channelled bottoms to its medium multi-stage rocker are the reason it excels at freestyle riding.  The thick 3D box rails and heavy channelling facilitate a strong tracking and speed before loading up for a big pop. The Commanders pop is gracious and predictable all thanks to its carbon stringer and flex points but it is not to be underestimated by how quick it wants to release. 

The Commander's ability to adapt to the heavier conditions has to be commended. Its channelling tanks you upwind so tacking back after a huge maneuver isn't a killer on the legs and the flew point work effortlessly to soften the landings. Eleveight's fundamental development of this board really compliments the versatility of their FS kite. Instead of aiming this board at one specific discipline, Eleveight have taken a realistic approach to what a rider wants so they can capitalize on all the conditions available.

The Commander is the ideal board for the rider who wants to be out shredding no matter what. With a pair of boots, the commander will push your freestyle while still going huge on the windy days with no sacrifice in either discipline.