A Selection of Eleveight Kites & RRD Kiteboarding's Lineup of Freestyle, Wakestyle, Freeride, Wave Riding, Foiling and Light Wind Kites.

Maximize Your Fun on the Water with the Full Range of Eleveight Kites. Kiters are loving the Eleveights with the RS standing in as an amazing crossover kite with timeless hangtime, the FS with its insane megaloop prowess and freestyle, the WS for slashing waves and strapless frontrolls, the OS onestrut foil/lightwind/travel kite and the new insane boosting megalooping XtremeSeries XS kite!

Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Canada can be quite variable.  As a kiteboard shop based in Calgary, Alberta we have lots of experience kiting in the light summer winds and the strong and gusty fall winds of the prairies.  We also spend a lot of time traveling to wavy spots to slash as many waves as possible.  Therefore we sell a variety of kites that are suitable for any occasion.

-The Eleveight FSeries (FS) kite serves the needs of riders going for performance freestyle or radical freeride. The FS is made for extreme kite loops and technical handlepass tricks.  The FS kite offers high-performance yet is easy to handle making it accessible for all kiters.

-The Eleveight Kites RSeries (RS) is a highly versatile kite.  The kite is a perfect crossover kite for the kiter that wants to do it all!  The kite is at home at any spot in the world and in all wind conditions. With an incredible wind range, upwind performance, big boosts and massive hangtime this kite is a favourite to many riders on the water and also for snowkiting. This kite is very well suited for beginners to the seasoned kiter.

-The Eleveight XtremeSeries (XS) kite serves the needs of kiters going for insanely big airs, megaloops and boardoffs. The XS will send you to the moon, making your WOO device wonder if it is recording an error!  The XS kite is EXTREME, you've been warned...

-The Eleveight Kitesurfing WSeries (WS) was created for highest performance in wave kiting. This translates into a kite that has pivotal turns, easy power control, and stable downwind drift (when riding toward the kite, the kite will gladly stay parked in the air).  These features are great for kitesurfing but also for foil kiters and beginners alike.  Beginners will love the upwind performance and extremely easy relaunch.

-The RRD Obsession Kite is a Freestyle/Wakestyle Kite - with Great Unhooking Ability, MegaLoop Performance, and even a Wave Riding Pedigree.

-The RRD Religion Kite is the Wave - Surf Riding Kite in the Italian brand's lineup. Designed to be a Top Performer in the Waves this Kite turned out to be Great at Freeriding as Well, with Unbeatable Relaunch Speed, Boosting and Kiteloop Abilities.

Available for delivery (Depending on time and location within Alberta: Calgary, Keho, Old Man Dam, Red Deer, Sylvan Lake, Gull Lake) or we will happily ship to kiters elsewhere in Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, PEI, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nunavut, NWT, Yukon, USA, you name it we'll get it there for you to enjoy your kite. Don't forget to add a bar, pump, harness, and kitesurf or twin tip kiteboard to your shopping cart.