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The WSeries, or WS, is the choice of avid surfers seeking a kite that syncs to their riding style, allowing them to perform the most challenging maneuvers.

NOTE: 2021 WS Kites are pre-order until shipments arrive to North America in late summer. Anticipate your fun!

The WSeries has the DNA of a true wave kite and feels at home in small waves as much as in +60 ft in Nazaré, Portugal, just as Stu Figueirido - Eleveight Team Rider and monster wave hunter!

The WSeries kite is your ticket to the green room. Riding waves has never been more accessible and fun than with Version 4 of our dedicated surf kite. Its outstanding performance allows you to catch any wave with ease, automatically switching to auto-pilot as soon as you drop in. The Open-C hybrid design with three struts provides power right when you need it while drifting unobtrusively along when you ride the face of the wave. It has exceptionally swift pivotal turning characteristics that enable you to pinwheel the kite without being ripped off the board. Throwing massive spray comes naturally to the WS as it automatically synchronizes with your surfing maneuvers. Hack into the lip with extreme force or do smooth flowing carves, the choice is yours. The huge wind range, as well as the light bar pressure, make it a favorite for freeriders and foil addicts too.

Performance Features:

  • Three-strut Open-C Hybrid design made for wave-, foil- and freeriding
  • High-performance kite with rapid turning characteristics
  • Designed with a stable downwind drift for carefree surfing
  • Medium aspect ratio ensures enormous wind range and low end
  • Light bar pressure for single hand control for best surfing experience

      WSeries Kite Changes for 2021:

      It was a tough challenge to further improve the WS as it was already a favorite for seasoned surfing veterans. However, we found some characteristics we were able to enhance for this year’s version. We completely reworked the bridle design, improving its geometry. This development further advances the very light yet direct bar pressure. Next, we redefined the canopy curve to provide a better load distribution, expanding the wind range. By adding extra sweep to the wingtips, we also gained more low-end performance. By reducing a tremendous amount of weight, we made Version 4 faster than ever. To achieve this, we switched to new ultra-light load diffusers while also reworking the trailing edge. It now has innovative anti-vibration patches, that are more aerodynamic while also reducing flutter for longevity. We are proud that the WS is more performant than ever before. No matter the swell, the WS will make sure you are having a blast.

      Eleveight WSeries Riding Style

      Eleveight WSeries Jumping Style

      Eleveight WSeries Wind Range Chart

      Eleveight WSeries Turning Characteristics Diagram

      Eleveight WSeries Aspect Ratio

      Eleveight WSeries Kite Sweep Angle

      Although you may think that the WS stands for wave shredding machine, we often do recommend the WS to new riders as well.  Newer riders will appreciate the WSeries kite's amazing relaunch, flight stability, turning and even jumping.  A bombproof kite for waves translates really well to surviving those tomahawkings into the beach.  A look at Eleveight's strapless freestyles show that this kite has some jumping ability too.

      Peter Stiewe - Eleveight Kite Designer

      "The WS kite has extremely fast turning characteristics with exceptional drift abilities. It is the perfect companion for any surf session"