2023 Eleveight WFS Wings

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2023 Eleveight WFS Wings

The 2023 WFS wings have finally landed in North America.  The WFS provides easy handling freeride performance for all wingers, including beginners!  The wing utilizes the industry leading Teijin canopy and leading edge materials that, combined with the wings improved aerodynamic re-design, creates a solid aerofoil providing great power delivery, handling and maximum drift performance for downwind runs and surfing those sweet waves. 

The CS wing bar handling system provides infinite hand hold positions and easy trimming of the wing based on hand position reducing fatigue.  The CS wing bar also makes hand swaps easy and intuitive when performing jibes and tacks.  The improved 2023 CS wing bar is designed with an EVA grip to increase comfort and reduce fatigue. 

Peter Stiewe's (kite/wing designer) summarizes the 2023 WFS wing as a "remarkably light and efficient design that minimizes strain on the arms so that you can ride this wing for hours."

We are stoked on the 2023 redesign and have already been taking orders on the new 2023 WFS wings, please contact us for any questions and size availabilities, currently all sizes are available from Eleveight.

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