Eleveight WingFoilSeries - WFS Wing - V4

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Easy handling and exceptional aerodynamic performance make the WFS fun for freeriding in all conditions. 



  • Performance freeride wing suited to all levels and conditions
  • Intuitive hand positioning for easy handling
  • Direct feel that's natural to control, even over time
  • Stiff and lightweight with easy drift and power generation
  • Complete with CS Wing Bar for aerodynamic stability
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The new WFS V4 is the next level in freeride performance. Evolved in line with the demands of a rapidly growing sport, the WFS is packed with technical innovations.

V4 is even more dynamic, direct and easy to use in all conditions and across all disciplines. Its standout feature, the CS Wing Bar, allows for natural handling and intuitive positioning for stability that limits fatigue.

Increased stiffness in the canopy and frame has achieved optimized airflow in V4 for less drag and improved pumping. Turbulence has reduced, and the wing is more direct and easy to control. The WFS harnesses power with ease and drifts on demand.

A revised leading edge shape and profile have significantly increased the low-end ability and wind range. New optimized window placements also ensure a lighter, flatter profile and more efficient canopy load distribution. The well-balanced V-shape ensures the tips won’t touch the water nor drag you down.

Featuring world-leading Teijin X4 ripstop material, the whole construction is stable, durable and extremely light, allowing easy upwind ability and downwind drift. You can ride waves undisturbed with single or even freehand control for that ultimate surf feeling.

The WFS will outperform your expectations with its freeride capabilities and push you to the next level.


Eleveight Wing Foil Riding Style

Eleveight WFS 3 Wing Surfing Windrange

Eleveight WFS 3 Wing Surfing Profile and Shape

Eleveight WFS 3 Wing Surfing Leading Edge

Eleveight WFS 3 Wing Surfing Constrol System

Eleveight Wing Foil Build and Design Quality Characteristics

Peter Stiewe - Eleveight Kite / Wing Designer

 "The remarkably light and efficient design minimizes strain on the arms so that you can ride this wing for hours."