LIP Typhoon Sunglasses - Essential for Wing Foiling

LIP Typhoon Sunglasses - Essential for Wing Foiling

We were out wing foiling late on a typical long and beautiful Alberta summer evening session, when I realized that I was a fool to forget my LIP Typhoon Watershades at home. 

As the low setting sun was reflecting on the water and singeing my retinas I quickly realized that when kiteboarding I can remove one hand from the bar to cover the sun while I use the other hand to steer the kite.  This was suddenly an impossible technique as both hands are pretty much always required on an Eleveight WFS wing (and all other wings).  The polarized Lip Typhoon sunglasses provide protection from harmful UV rays and dramatically reduce glare from the water because of the lenses' polarization.  The vented frame also allows for maximum ventilation to reduce potential fogging and drainage for those hard crashes.  Let's not forget the MOST important feature of the sunglasses, the LIP sunglasses exclusive fail-safe leash & retainer system, because let's be honest we crash often and losing a pair of sunglasses on every crash would not be feasible.

Going winging? Going kiteboarding? Don't forget to grab a pair of LIP Typhoon  Watersports Sunglasses!

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