Elevieght Kites - Kite Finder

Elevieght Kites - Kite Finder

Which Eleveight kite should you get?

Well Eleveight produced this handy little image that gives you an idea of the type of the type of riding style suited for each of Eleveight's Kite models.

(It's a big image, hopefully it displays just as well on your desktop computer as a smartphone...fingers crossed).

Eleveight Kites | Kite Model Finder

This image is quite simplified, it doesn't necessarily mean that one kite can't be used if it doesn't overlap a specific discipline.  For example the award winning FS freestyle kite could still be used for wave conditions, but when compared to the WS you will quickly see a significant difference in the performance characteristics that make the wave-riding specific WS kite perfect for slashing waves.  Conversely trying to do handle-pass tricks with the WS kite might require a lot more skill and muscle to get yourself to the bar and pass it around your back when compared to the FS.

Please don't hesitate to contact us at shredkiteboarding@gmail.com for any inquiries.  We will be happy to answer your questions and put you on the best Eleveight Kite for your riding style!  If you now know what you want please go ahead and add one of these awesome kites available in our kite collection product page to your shopping cart!

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