All New 2021 Eleveight XS Kite - BIG AIR

All New 2021 Eleveight XS Kite - BIG AIR

Hey all, do you know what is the most exciting new product from Eleveight Kiteboaring in 2021?  It's the Eleveight XS Kite! 

What's the XS kite all about then? Well first, using Eleveight's two letter "series" naming convention the XS stands for Extreme Series.  This is an all new kite model in 2021.  Why a new model? Well the RS is a terrific crossover kite and the FS is a beast of a freestyle / wakestyle / megalooping kite, the WS is a wave slaying machine, and the OS kite gives lightwind freedom for kitefoilers.  Eleveight was looking to fill the need for a mega-boosting powerhouse - and there sits the XS kite.

The XS is a high-aspect ratio, five-strut, delta-hybrid design with quite an aggressive angle of attack.  This kite seriously yanks you off the water for some big heights and incredibly long hang-time.  If you like to do board-offs and other old school hooked-in tricks, you're going to want to check this kite out.

This kite is incredibly stable in those gusty nuking sessions allowing you to push your limits without hesitating.  It also has a very good low-end performance because of the kites aggressive aerodynamics and swept wingtips.

Like all Eleveight kites the XS is build with the most high-quality materials (Teijin X4 Technoforce) and construction techniques.  Eleveight's kite designer is the CEO - there is no cutting corners when it comes to building the best product they can with the best materials.

With this kite just coming out of the factory as a new model and the overwhelming demand there are only a limited number of XS kites in North America.  We were lucky enough to get a few in stock.  Contact us for available kite sizes and availability.


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