WMFG Grooved Traction Pad | Performance Traction | Durability


WMFG Grooved Traction Pad | Performance Traction | Durability

We are very excited to now carry WMFG products at Shred Kiteboarding! Why are we so excited? They don't produce kites or kiteboards, but they make some awesome accessories that kitesurfers love! Like the WMFG Classic Six Pack 3.0 Traction Pads.

WMFG spent many days on the water testing out different EVA foams and groove patterns to create the best traction pads on the kiteboarding and surfing market.  While the traction pad was designed with kiting in mind, it works just as well for surfing, foiling, skimboarding, etc.

This newest iteration of the classic six pack features a grooved pattern which has proven to be extremely grippy when riding barefoot and even in booties!  The slimmer profile design minimizes the amount of water catching on the traditional WMFG 2.0 waffle pattern traction pad when riding in the surf or just cruising around in butter flat water. The low profile grooved pattern also provides maximum board feel with an even level surface with just enough padding for those harder strapless freestyle landings.

WMFG 3.0 Grooved Kite Surfboard Deck Pad


Plus the traction pad comes with a free traction pad drink coaster! Yeah Yeah!

We carry the WMFG Classic Six Pack traction pad in the full coverage six-piece format that includes the tail, midsection and front foot sections and the front traction pad that consists of the mid and front sections for those kitesurf boards that came with a tail pad.


Installation instructions can be found here:



Width: 16.25" / 41.3cm
Length: 42.5" / 108cm
Note: Above specs are based on pads installed seamless/pushed together. Width and length can be extended by leaving a gap between pads.

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