WMFG 3.0 Tall Kite Pump | My lower back loves this pump!


WMFG 3.0 Tall Kite Pump | My lower back loves this pump!

We love to kite. But we don't necessarily love to pump our kites. Well ideally we could have someone else pump up our kites but our buddies, girlfriends/boyfriends sure don't want to do it for us. WMFG (the acronym stands for Waterman Manufacturing) heard our collective sighs and grievances and created the tall kiteboard pump!

Until a few years ago every brand had the same short pump design. Then WMFG came out on the market with the first premium pumps that drastically improved out pre-kiting pumping routine.  The pumps offered better performance (yes it's true), nozzle selection and premium hoses.

We are happy to be carry the WMFG 3.0 T Kite pump in our store.  The "T" stands for tall.  The pump stands at 24" (61 cm) tall and a 4" diameter providing 2.9 Liters air on each stroke.  That means less frantic up and down pumping strokes and less strain on your back!


The WMFG is a premium pump sourcing high-end seals and pistons, moulded handle and feet, single high-pressure stroke or double maximum volume stroke options, accurate air pressure gauge with a sand filter and extra durable and flexible hose.


WMFG 3.0 Tall Kite Pump

The WMFG 3.0 T Kite pump also comes with a wide assortment of valves that allow compatibility with all kite brands!


WMFG 3.0 Tall Kite Pump Attachments

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