Wind & Waves A Pleasure With The RRD Religion Kitesurf Specific Kite

Wind & Waves A Pleasure With The RRD Religion Kitesurf Specific Kite

Day 2 on the coast and the wind is livelier and so are the kiters.  After yesterday's solo session the wind was stronger and better forecasted which meant more kiters.  A busy 8 kiters, but it is a surf spot and it does get busy quickly.

I took down the RRD kiteboarding Religion 8 meter and Obsession 9 m (both in the same bag...with travelling space at a premium in one vehicle). The wind seemed ok, with riders rigging up 7-9s.  It proved to be kiteable in that range yet a bigger kite would have been good for most riders.

My gear for the day here in Oregon USA was the RRD kitesurfing specific Religion 8m, global v8 bar (4-line), RRD Maquina 5'7" kitesurf board, and the RRD Shield Carbon kite harness.  

The RRD Religion kite proved to be an excellent choice in the waves, understandable as it is a wave kite.  Turns are quick and easy, the kite can be placed wherever you wish in the wind window with a quick turn or kiteloop and the depower is easy once you catch a wave and start surfing the wave's speed.  I did drop the kite after stalling out my board in a wave combined with a lull and the kite relaunched effortlessly before the next wave even had a chance to crash onto it.  Even if it did, the bombproof RRD Kiteboarding build quality would of taken it no problem...This kite is solid!

All in all the surf on the Oregon Coast, USA is bigger and more arranged than the waves found in Alberta, Canada but nevertheless the RRD Kiteboarding Religion Kite seems well suited on the coast and the inland seas/lakes of the Canadian prairies. 

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