Slam The Kan | Alberta / Calgary River Surfing Fundraiser

Slam The Kan | Alberta / Calgary River Surfing Fundraiser

This weekend will be the Alberta River Surfing Associations 13th Annual Slam the Kan festival.  Slam the Kan has a long standing reputation as the premiere river surfing event in Alberta, if you can make it to any event this is the one to attend.  All funds raised during the event are donated to the Alberta River Surfing Association and go towards building waves and the river surf community in Calgary, Kananaskis and Alberta in general.

The event will be held at the Stoney Nakoda Resort on August 25, 2018 in Kananaskis, Alberta.  In the morning a riversurf contest has been organized by the Bow Valley River Surfing Association at the Mountain Wave in Kananaskis.  The wave can be accessed by foot trails from the tourist information center just past Canoe Meadows.  The contest is guaranteed to be exciting with tough competition expected from local Canmore and Calgary surfers as well as out of town surfers. Winners of the contest will be announced during the evening party.

Attendees of Slam the Kan can purchase tickets that include camping (limited spots) and general admission.  The camping and evening activities will take part in a field next to the Stoney Nakoda Resort.  Guests can bring tents (for camping tickets) or stay at the Stoney Nakoda Resort.

The evening portion of the event has been organized in conjunction with BassBus which has lined up local and out of town artists for the evening.  Arists include: DJ Nu-Mark (DJ from the Jurassic 5), Pigeon Hole, RUMPUS, Tank Gyal, Carissa Gem and Erica Dee.

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Funds will help with the development of new waves in the Kananaskis region (downstream of Barrier Dam) and the proposed 10th Street wave build in Calgary, Alberta.

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Shred Kiteboarding will be attending the activities.  Guilly has been surfing the waves in Calgary and Kananaskis for several years and loves to support the building of new waves.  He uses RRD Kiteboardings Maquina 5'7'' kitesurf board to surf the mountain wave.  Whatever board you use it is alot of fun.

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