Freestyle Kiting and Kitesurfing Video Clip of Shred Kiteboarding's Owner/Kiteboarder

Freestyle Kiting and Kitesurfing Video Clip of Shred Kiteboarding's Owner/Kiteboarder

We are an online kiteshop based in Calgary, Alberta and serve kitesurfers across Canada (and even the USA).  As an online shopper you will likely ask yourself: who are the people behind Shred? Are they good kiters? Do they know what they are talking about?  

At Shred we absolutely love to kiteboard!  We've kited across Canada and have had a strong presence kitesurfing in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  We've also kited in Ontario and Quebec.  For travel we've explored both the west and east coast of the US, Maui, south america and oceania.  We love it all!  Even if we haven't spent too much time on the Canadian east coast we dream of kiting some wavy spots in PEI, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador.  We're ready for the cold Atlantic ocean water with our warm RRD wetsuits!

Below you can find a video of Guillaume Lafond (Guilly), owner of Shred Kiteboarding riding in various locations.  The majority of the cuts are from kite sessions in Alberta.

Note that the video is mixed with Run the Jewels' song "Close your eyes"; you might want to lower the volume on your computer or mobile phone at the start of the video due to some NSFW lyrics. Otherwise it's a lot of quick kiteboarding tricks and kitesurfing slashes cut together.  We hope you dig it!

quickhits from GPLL on Vimeo.

Guilly is riding the RRD Kiteboarding Obsession Kite, RRD Juice 138 cm Wood kiteboard, RRD Maquina 5'7'' LTD kitesurf board, and RRD Celsius Pro Zipless Wetsuit.

Click here to purchase the RRD Kiteboarding Obsession Kite.

Click here to purchase the RRD Juice Kiteboard.

Click here to purchase the RRD Maquina Kitesurfboard.

Click here to purchase the RRD Celsius Pro Zipless Surf Wetsuit.

We hope to see you kiteboarding out here near Calgary or at many spots in Alberta and also kiting in the rest of Canada. Please send us pictures or videos of you kiting on your RRD Kitesurfing equipment, or other brands, either way we love kiteboarding and enjoy sharing the stoke!

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