Shred Kiteboarding - Customer Satisfaction Reviews

Shred Kiteboarding - Customer Satisfaction Reviews

We're really excited to help kiteboarders in Alberta and across Canada find kiteboarding gear that suits their riding style and makes their kiteboard sessions more fun and allows their skills to progress.  We also offer great prices, because we believe that kiteboarding should be more accessible to riders of all budgets, from the young-gun kitesurfer on a budget to the CEO type of kiteboarder.

We were excited to help C. in Ontario with a new RRD Kiteboarding Global V8 4-line kite bar.  

Getting email responses from our customers that are happy with our customer service is always great.  Here's one of our customer's response following his purchase.

 "Thanks Guilly,

I am a beginner so making these decisions don’t come easy. I hope to enjoy the bar and lines. 

Thanks again.  This is great customer service. "
We're always stoked to help out another new Canadian kiteboarder.  We look forward to assisting you in your future kite purchases whether you are kiteboarding in Ontario, Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, etc... in Canada or even american kiteboarders.  We'll happily ship to kiters in the USA.


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