Shawn Richman Joins the RRD International Team

Shawn Richman Joins the RRD International Team

Shawn Richman has joined the RRD Kiteboarding International Team.  Shawn is a long time kitesurfer who has gained himself a following of kiters who enjoy to watch and emulate his style of riding wherever he is.

Here's is an excerpt as to why Shawn Richman chose to join RRD and his favourite RRD kite, board and bar: (full article linked below)

"– Why RRD?
Sponsorship is like being in a partnership, a relationship, and a family. When I was thinking about who I wanted to talk to about getting back in the sport I thought back on all the connections that I had made in my career, one person stood out that I’ve always had the upmost respect for.That was Roberto. He was more stoked then anyone on the beach, so genuine and passionate about all the gear that he makes but more importantly how it helps the rider have more fun! He is someone who will take the extra time, put that extra effort in, make the more expensive decision if the result will better the experience for the rider. 

That is so important to me. I sent him an email after not speaking to him in years and he responded within hours being the same stoked Roberto that I remembered.

– What is your favorite gear?
I am absolutely loving my PASSION 7m kite, BLISS 136 board, loving my RRD H FLIGHT FOIL- by far the best foil I have ridden and appreciating the little things on my GLOBAL BAR. I love how tightly put together the gear feels and how much attention to detail there is. I picked up my gear and within 5 minutes, I felt like I was as comfortable with my gear as I would on a 6-month-old quiver.


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