The new RRD Kiteboarding Carbon Shield Harnesses are now here and they look and feel great! Carbon harnesses are relatively new to the kiteboarding market.  Only a few years ago all harnesses were essentially made of "soft" material.  Which has its advantages and drawbacks.  The advent of the new generation of carbon harnesses has brought many new kitesurf harnesses to the market.

RRD Kiteboarding Kitesurfing  Carbon Shield Harness Canada

The advantage of a carbon harness is the added support.  Carbon kite harnesses offer a molded carbon plate across the whole back section of the harness.  The carbon back plate distributes the pull of the kite across your lower back creating a better support structure which minimizes lower back strain during those big and gusty wind powered kite sessions - for which you are familiar with if you kitesurf the Canadian prairies in Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba!  Soft kite harnesses usually created one narrow or multiple narrow contact patch pressure zones across the lower back which added strain.  This strain can add up to some nasty back pain at the end of one or multiple days.

The RRD Shield harness has a low carbon plate profile with a natural lumbar concave curve.  Some carbon harnesses like the mystic harness have an accentuated deep lumbar concave molded in the carbon, this works for some but does not feel comfortable for people with flatter backs. They also cause issues for those that prefer riding a looser harness requiring some seriously tight harnesses to minimize harness rotation.  The RRD Shield harness has a low profile carbon plate with a slight natural lumbar curve.  The profile of the plate is very comfortable for multiple lower back shapes.  It can also be worn loose for comfort and kitesurf wave riding performance without causing acute pain on the side of the back/ribs.

The RRD Kiteboarding Shield Harness has a nice soft memory foam covering the plate minimizing any pain that could be caused by having a hard carbon plate on the back.  The outside edge of the harness has another 1 inch of foam to soften the edge of the harness on your ribs and hip bones.  The fit on this carbon harness is awesome when your riding either boardshorts/bikinis or wetsuits.


The harness comes with a handlepass leash/handle on the back with an integrated stainless steel ring to attach your kite leash allowing for any of your freestyle tricks. The harness spreader bar has a very well shaped hook design designed for kiteboarders.  The harness also has an optional sliding rope spreader bar that can be purchased.  The rope spreader bar system allows for chicken loop attachment point rotation for better surf and toeside riding...great news for you BC, Nova Scotia, Oregon, New Brunswick, Quebec, Newfoundland Coastal Riders!  

The power strap attachment uses a hook and latch system for added security.  And a stabilizer bar/flap to minimize upward spreader bar rotation which can be common for beginner kiteboarders that spend a lot of time with a kite at 12 o'clock.

Overall this harness is amazing! Great performance, support and oh so comfortable. I was concerned that this would be an awkward carbon harness that needs to be super tight but it's comfortable tight or loose.  The low profile carbon plate suits most lower back shapes very well.

This will help you enjoy your kitesurf sessions across Canada.

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