RRD Rigid Thread Kite Lines PART 2 | Non Stretch | Durable Kite Lines and Bar

RRD Rigid Thread Kite Lines PART 2 | Non Stretch | Durable Kite Lines and Bar

Following our last blog post we have a bit more information to share on the RRD Kiteboarding Patented Rigid Thread Lines.

In the last post we discussed the unidirectional fibers within the lines that eliminate stretched lines. In this post we will have a look at what makes the RRD Kiteboarding Rigid Thread Lines so durable.

RRD Rigid thread kite lines reduce wear by utilizing a protective waxed resin on the unidirectional fibers in addition to a compact micro-woven protective sheathing (sock) used to protect the entry of foreign particles (grit) into the unidirectional fibrous core which  protects the lines for years to come. 

The micro-weave sheathing is used exclusively to protect the lines rather than bearing loading pressures.  This allows for the weave to be extra tight due to higher angled weaves without affecting the stretch of the lines. The tight micro-weave minimizes the entry of various foreign particles which can deteriorate the lifetime and safety of the lines.

Typical standard braided kite lines do not have a protective sheathing, which allows foreign particles such as sand silt and other gritty material to enter within the core of the coarsely braided line causing a gradual deterioration of the fibers up to an eventual failure/break of the line.

Protection of standard kites lines is done by coating the braided fibers with a resin (typically polyurethane-based).  The resin has a short life span and can degrade after only a few sessions.  This can be noticed by touching the lines with your finger: brand new braided kite lines feel stiffer with a resiny/waxy feel and after a short time the standard braided kite lines start to feel softer and softer to the touch until they've lost all of their protective resin.  The progressive or total loss of the resin increases unwanted knots when unwinding lines and a gradual reduction of the protection from UV, abrasive sand/grit, salt crystals (an issue to Canadians living on the coast or simply travelling to salt water destinations) and mildew/mold.  

Read below why RRD Kitesurfing International team rider Jerrie van de Kop loves the Rigid Kite Lines:


I’m stoked to use these lines! It is hard to find a set kite lines which don’t stretch. I am using them for four years now and the only time I broke one line is when there was a hectic collusion and tangle with another rider, but I am sure that these kites won’t break because of using them to kite. The RRD Rigid Thread lines just don’t stretch and are super strong.

I always have a safe feeling when I’m pulling megaloops, which is really important! And next to that it is important for me that after many loops, my lines are still the same length, cause at these heights, you don’t want to mess up because of one steering line being longer.

What is really a cool thing about these lines..; Because of the dyneema woven sheath your lines are more stiff which makes it easier to walk your lines out while unrolling your bar. This is the perfect set of lines for me as a freestyler that also loves extreme moves like pulling megaloops, but am sure this is the perfect set of lines for any style of riding if it can handle my style!


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