RRD Rigid Thread Kite Lines | Non Stretch | Durable Kite Lines and Bar

RRD Rigid Thread Kite Lines | Non Stretch | Durable Kite Lines and Bar

The new RRD Kiteboarding Global V8 bar comes equipped with the RRD Rigid Thread lines.  These aren't the run of the mill industry standard kite lines you see every other brand in the market use; no these are developed and produced in Italy with a worldwide patent granted exclusively to RRD.  In other words you can only find these high performance and durable lines on RRD kites!  Kiteboarders and kitesurfers in the US and Canada are slowly discovering the RRD rigid thread lines are the wow factor is always entertaining.  Whenever we show somebody an RRD Global V8 bar with the Rigid Thread Lines, the kiter will inevitably comment on the kite line quality within seconds!

The RRD kites rigid lines are made of dyneema like most other lines on the market but the RRD rigid thread lines are NOT braided.  Typical braided kite lines have a similar breaking resistance as they are also made of dyneema, but their major drawback is stretching.  Standard braided kite lines will stretch throughout their lifetime requiring adjustment of the center line depower rope length or addition of new pigtails on the back lines to compensate for the stretch.  Many riders never adjust the length of their kite lines during the life of their bar/lines/kite and suffer from a slow loss of performance and stability of their kites due to uneven lines.  The RRD Rigid lines are built for minimal to almost no stretch for their entire lifetime.

How can the RRD lines not stretch? Well the RRD kiteboarding Rigid Thread Lines utilize unidirectional dyneema fibers which are strung longitudinally from the bar to the kite.  The lines are then covered by a compacted dyneema braided sheath (sock) used exclusively to protect the inner unidirectional core fibers.  The unidirectional fibers in the core of the line take care of the load pressure.  The unidirectional fibres are aligned parallel (0 degree offset) with the kite's loading pressure minimizing all possible stretching of the line.  The only possible stretch that the line will incur is inherent to the dyneema material itself rather than the braid structure.

RRD Kiteboarding Patented Rigid Thread Lines

Typical kite lines are woven in a 30 degree braid (30 degree offset from the load angle) subjecting the lines to stretching when under load.  Other brands' standard kite lines will stretch under load increasing their overall length.  Standard dyneema kite lines can stretch up to 1% of their original length when under load. 

I know your thinking just 1%, that's a tiny number!  But think about this, for typical 25 meter lines a 1% stretch equals to a total 25 centimeter stretch from the initial line length! Think about it for a moment, 25 centimeters is likely all the depower available on your the camcleat depower rope or most of the depower available to you when pushing the bar away while riding!

The RRD rigid thread lines have a maximum stretch of 0.1% over their entire lifetime. That means that after 1,2,5 or 10 years of riding the RRD kitesurfing lines will only stretch 2.5 cms (25m lines).  

Minimal stretch means a more precise input and direct feel when steering the kite for any type of maneuver but especially big powered trickss where standard lines will distort and reduce inputs.


The combination of high performance, durable kite lines with the functional, simple, and safe RRD Global V8 kite bar is a perfect match for aggressive freestyle riders and novice riders that are looking for durable equipment that will retain it's flying performance and value over time.

Plus don't forget that Shred's everyday low sale price of the Global V8 bar and rigid thread lines ($588 Canadian) makes this purchase a no brainer! 

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Don't forget to pick up a RRD Kiteboarding Obsession kite for all your megalooping freestyle performance and feel the difference of Rigid thread lines today!

And on a final note, don't forget that Shred Kiteboarding ships across Canada everyday.  Well get you these great lines whether you are megalooping high above the prairies in Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba; kitesurfing the waves on Vancouver Island, wakestyling in Squamish BC or near Toronto Ontario; and boosting over Quebec, New-Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland Labrador or PEI! 

We even ship to the USA!


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