RRD Kiteboarding Obession MK10 Kite | Freestyle | Wakestyle | Freeride

RRD Kiteboarding Obession MK10 Kite | Freestyle | Wakestyle | Freeride

Have you purchased an RRD Kiteboarding Obsession MK10 kite recently? Or maybe you're considering the Obsession?

Click here to purchase the RRD Kiteboarding Obsession MK10 kite.

If you said yes to either of those questions you may be familiar with the versatility of the kite being able to fly in either 4 or 5 line mode on the RRD Global V8 bars.

Click here to purchase the RRD Kitesurfing Global V8 4-line bar.

Click here to purchase the RRD Global V8 5-line bar.

Ok, so you might remember the old 5 line kites from 5-10 years ago where the fifth line was mostly used to relaunch the kite.  Well, for one the Obsession is easy to relaunch in both 4 and 5 line mode, but the fifth line allows for a more aggressive freestyle - wakestyle type of kiting.  The fifth line makes the kite more powerful while creating abundant slack in the lines allowing you to land those handlepass tricks with greater ease.  The kite's turning speed is a bit slower making the kite more stable when completing unhooked tricks with only one hand on the bar.

In four line mode, the kite has more depower available, turns faster, creates more lift and hangtime.  This setting is ideal for landing your megaloops!  If you are going to take the RRD Obsession kitesurfing into the waves this is the recommended setting.  Do not kitesurf in five line mode as dropping the kite in the surf can easily cause the kite to invert by being tumbled around in the waves an inverted fifth line kite can easily cause the fifth line to wrap around the kite and create a nasty tear. (FYI if you do happen to tear your canopy shred kiteboarding does do kite repairs!). 

Here is a quick video by RRD about the options available for the kite.

For fine tuning adjustments we've been kiteboarding south of Calgary, Alberta quite a bit and prefer the kite to be attached on the third knot of the kites back/steering line attachment when in 5th line mode.  This allows nice even pressure on all the lines and prevents oversheeting when unhooking.


We look forward to seeing you out kiteboarding in Canada on the RRD Obsession Kites!

Send us pictures and videos of your riding. We love sharing with your stoke!




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