RRD Global V8 Kite Bar and Lines | Performance Kitesurfing | Great Price

RRD Global V8 Kite Bar and Lines | Performance Kitesurfing | Great Price

RRD Global V8 Bar | Performance Kiteboarding | Safety | Durability | Great Everyday Sale Price

The new RRD Global V8 bar is quite simply ideal for kitesurfers.  You're thinking to yourself oh great another "game changer" gimmick must have come out...see the fireball and click bar...but nope.  This bar is simple and it works. Simple matched with functionality, creating a well performing bar that appears durable and safe for years to come.  A pleasant side-effect from a high performance simple design is price.  The bar is $588 canadian, which is WAY less when compared to other brands... 

The bar itself is CNC milled and anodised aluminium with a diameter that was tested to improve your grip of the bar.  Bar ends are big and soft molded high memory EVA which means that it will hold it's shape even if you or your lines bend them out of shape.  The EVA ends extend up the bar without any gap saving the painful cuts on your fingers if you grab the bar near the end on your handle pass.  The bar end floaters are colour coded for safety and prevent from incorrectly pulling on the wrong side of the bar.

The double chambered polyurethane depower rope sheathing allows for the bar to slide easily over the rope and contains the safety line within the polyurethane sheathing.

Depower adjustment is provided above the bar using a camcleat.  The depower strap can be velcroed around the center depower chicken loop line to stop the rope from flopping around when fully depowered.  As a local who demoed the bar mentioned "Oh wow, it's those smart little ideas that impress me".

RRD Global V8 Bar | Performance | Simple | Functional | Safe | Durable | Everyday Low Price

The chicken loop has an average sized chicken loop diameter, with an adjustable donkey stick that can rotate and lock in any desired direction.  The rotating chicken loop feature also allow the kite lines to untwist after the dozen of backrolls you just made.

The safety contained within the chicken loop is the industry standard push away release designed with an oversized handle to enable quick access and activation by feel in case you are underwater and can't see the release. 

The release engages the safety system that flags the kite by the front line allowing for 100% depower of the kite.  The RRD Kiteboarding safety release is designed with the least amount of steel components meaning longer lifetime and less maintenance.  You safety leash attaches to a moulded stainless steel double ring to easily clip the carabiner end of your leash.

RRD Global V8 Bar Chicken Loop | Simple | Functional | Safe | Durable | Great Price

To help with your oldschool tricks the RRD Globa V8 Bar has a sliding stopper which allows the kite to remain powered when you are completing your deadman or board-off tricks. This feature also allows the kiter the option of minimizing the bar throw for younger/shorter riders that don't have long arms.

RRD Global V8 Kiteboarding Bar | Best Performance | Great Sale Price | Kitesurf

The kite bar comes with a 20 inch (50 cm) short leash to attach to the front of your harness or an optional thicker and longer leash for riders looking to attach the leash to the back of their harness for handle pass tricks.  Both leashes have a simple but proven safe push away release safety.

Last but not least are the RRD Rigid Lines.  These lines are developed and produced in Italy with a worldwide patent granted to RRD.  That means that only RRD bars use the Rigid lines and have been used on RRD bars for 7 years.  These lines are designed differently to increase lifetime, minimize and eliminated stretch.  They are even harder to tangle/knot up when winding and unwinding your bar.  There is alot more to be said about these amazing lines, but that's for another post.  Keep coming back to our site to see our post discussing the RRD Rigid Lines.


All in all, the simplicity and functionality of the bar works.  The above the line camcleat depower allows for quick adjustments while kitesurfing and the rotating chicken loop unwinds your twisted kitelines.  Your safety is in good hands when you buy a RRD Global V8 bar. 

Don't forget to match this bar with an RRD Kite  for maximum performance.



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