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RRD Kites Build Quality | Bombproof for Waves, Megaloops, Wakestyle

Wow I am impressed by RRD's build quality on 2018 kites.  There is multiple stitching across the dacron leading edge of the kites.  These really look bombproof to ride in the surf, to massive megaloops or aggressive progressive wakestyle.  A big tomahawking crash is no concern for the RRD lineup of kites. 

The canopy is also well built, the zig-zag colour panel design provides increased strength and durability to the canopy/material.  Again the stitching is solid on the high-tech of D2 ripstop nylon.  This fabric was used to increase the strength and durability of the canopy versus other typical ripstop nylon.  

RRD has stepped up to the top of the kitesurf brand leader board for build quality on the 2018 lineup.  I was repairing a kite from a different kite brand two weeks ago and was surprised to see that the factory had missed the stitching - stitched holes but no thread in one area.  They simply stopped there and restarted with new thread leaving holes in the material for no reason, bit of a QA/QC problem there...When comparing and inspecting the new RRD kites there was nothing like that to be found! When you go learn to kiteboard or learn new unhooked freestyle tricks rest assured your 2018 RRD kites will take the punishment and ask for more!

Whether you are riding a reservoir in Alberta, the surf on the coasts of BC, Nova Scotia, PEI, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Quebec or Labrador, or the large inland lakes of Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario, the RRD Kitesurfing Kites are ready to take the shorepound of the surf or tomahawking crashes you give them when pushing your riding to the next level!  

Click this link to see the bombproof built RRD Religion Kite


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