Red Bull King of the Air 2021 Riders - Eleveight Kites'Arthur Guillebert

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Red Bull King of the Air 2021 Riders - Eleveight Kites'Arthur Guillebert

The Red Bull King of the Air (KOTA) 2021 event window is scheduled for January 30 to February 14th 2021 at Kite Beach in Cape Town South Africa.  Yesterday the KOTA judges selected Eleveight Kite's own Pro Team Rider Arthur Guillebert for this annual big air megalooping event!

Already pre-qualified from last year's KOTA podium are Jesse Richman (KOTA 2020 champion), Nick Jacobsen and the legendary Aaron Hadlow.  Three time KOTA winner Kevin Langeree also qualifies from the Cold Hawaii Games qualifying event.  This year, because of 3 cancelled KOTA qualifying events the remaining 14 wildcard entry kiters were selected from the annual video competition where the riders submitted a video of their favourite/best big air tricks to impress the judges and earn a wildcard entry.  Each kiter's video entry was scored in the same manner as if they were riding in the KOTA live event. Arthur Guillebert, team rider for Eleveight Kiteboarding submitted a great set of big air tricks and earned a wildcard entry. 

The 2021 Wildcard riders are:

  • Steven Akkersdijk
  • Angely Bouillot
  • Tom Bridge
  • Airton Cozzolino
  • Ulrich Edgar
  • Joshua Emanuel
  • Val Garat
  • Janek Grzegorzewski
  • Arthur Guillebert
  • Stig Hoefnagel
  • Marc Jacobs
  • Giel Vlugt
  • Lasse Walker
  • Liam Whaley

We are excited to see Arthur showcasing Eleveight kite's big air and freestyle performance at the KOTA.  With megaloops being a staple trick for the KOTA event we could see Guillebert bringing the Eleveight FS kite because of it's great performance for megaloops and the towering heights achieved in boosts.  The FS is a serious consideration as the optimal kite for megalooping.  With the KOTA event being heavily focused on big air (hence the name King of the Air) Arthur could also potnentially choose to take the Eleveight XS kite to the event.  The XS is Eleveight's newly designed big-air kite, which was designed with the sole purpose of big air in mind.  The XS provides explosive lift off of the water, towering heights, lengthy hang-time and stability.    Check out Arthur Guillebert's 2021 KOTA video entry below.

Arthur seriously shreds!

Having a closer look at the video, we can see that Arthur's megalooping kite of choice is in fact the Eleveight FS kite.  However it's possible that the XS wasn't fully released to the public when this video was shot, so we'll have to tune into the KOTA 2021 live stream to find out!


Get out there and shred yourselves!

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