Oregon Coast Kitesurf RRD Religion Lightwind Test Session | 081818

Oregon Coast Kitesurf RRD Religion Lightwind Test Session | 081818

We managed to squeeze in another day before returning to Calgary Alberta, via Portland and Hood River Oregon and Sandpoint Idaho.  The last look on the ikitesurf forecast did not provide a very good forecast for Saturday, thus the plan was to start the drive early on Saturday to possibly have a session in Hood River OR or Sandpoint ID, USA.  While getting gas and using free wifi it a quick look at the updated forecast changed my mind on the early return.

I stayed a bit longer in Florence for one last session.  The forecast improved but it was still light.  More kiters were around from Eugene and Portland OR, as well as Squamish, Whistler and Vancouver BC.  The wind was light but felt steady.  I decided to test out the RRD Kiteboarding Religion Kite in lightwind to see how it would perform.  Well it performed quite nicely.  I was surfing on small wave faces and making turns on my 8m Religion while others were on 10-12m North and F-One kites.  The religion's quick nimble flight characteristics helped the kite stay within the power zone.  Kitelooping the Religion is accurate allowing for making wave sections down the line and placing you in the critical section with power when you want it.  The power and radius of the kiteloops can easily be adjusted by initiating the loop with the bar fully sheeted in (quick loop) or slightly sheeted out (longer drawn out loop).  The adjustable kiteloop radius helps you place the kite in different locations in the wind window.  This is ideal in a kitesurf wave scenario.  Riding upwind to get back in the waves is easy with this kite too!

I am once again coming off the water really impressed by the RRD Kiteboarding Religion kite in all conditions.  It's a great wave and freeride kites for all riders.  

Relaunch! Almost forgot to mention it, at one point a big lull and a low kite at jetty height caused the kite to backstall in the water.  A quick pull of the bar (one handed) quickly relaunched the kite.  This was in light winds too!

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But what If you are looking for a quick turning freeride kite with easy relaunch, good upwind? Well you should still check out the RRD's Religion Kite!!


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