Kiteboarding on Water in Alberta, Canada is getting closer!

Kiteboarding on Water in Alberta, Canada is getting closer!

We're getting closer to the ice clearing and kiteboarding on the water in Alberta, Canada.   Guilly headed out to Weed Lake, east of Calgary, on Saturday afternoon for a last minute session getting S. used to snowkiting.  Their hopes quickly waned as most ponds and small lakes near the road were already free of ice.  Weed Lake was approximately 1/2 open with water on the west side and ice remaining on the east side.  Which means that kiting on water is getting closer and closer!

Make sure to contact us to get your order in for the water season.  We have 2019 Eleveight Kiteboarding equipment including kites, kiteboards (twin tips and directional surfboards), and bars. We will also gladly provide you with the 2019 lineup of Brunotti kiteboards, wetsuits and harnesses.

On another but similar not river surfing on the 10th Street wave in downtown Calgary is already good to go!  With ice restricted to the center bar and banks.  Surf's up!

(Yes it's April 1st, but this isn't an April Fools Joke! Check out the blog post picture for proof.)

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