Kiteboarding at Expression Session in Winnipeg, Manitoba - Sunday

Kiteboarding at Expression Session in Winnipeg, Manitoba - Sunday

After a great Saturday spent kiteboarding 15 km from Gimli to Winnipeg Beach with a great kite crew and the Selkirk, Manitoba afterparty, the group slowly awoke from their alcohol induced slumber to once again kiteboard at Winnipeg Beach.

The wind forecast was east and switching north later in the afternoon/evening.  Unfortunately the northern kick of strong wind never came in time, but the kiters still managed another lighter wind kitesurfing session in front of the Winnipeg Beach harbour.  Kites were once again fairly large ranging from 10 (for the guys on high volume kitesurf boards) to 17 m.  

I managed to get out on my RRD Kiteboarding Obsession MK10 12 m, RRD Poison board, Global V8 bar, and RRD Shield carbon harness.  It was great to get together with Daniel and Stefan K. for a freestyle/wakestyle session downwind in the harbour.  My riding definitely needs some more work to get back to where I was and come close to riding like Daniel and Stefan.

Kiters tested the RRD Poison and RRD Juice kiteboards either with or without (boot riders) the RRD Rad Pad V2 kiteboard foot straps.  Feedback was very positive with riders enjoying both the RRD Poison and Juice kiteboards and the ample cushioning and adjustability of the Rad Pads.  Kiters also got to try out the Onewheel "skateboards" on the grassy region of the site. 

Everyone had stories to tell of the summer season, upcoming kitesurf trips, technical kite gear discussions, and of course a few beers.

I had to leave a little earlier to disassemble my kiteboards, pack my kites, bars, and harness to make a flight back to Calgary, Alberta. 

The winner of the amazing award (pictured) this year was Paloma! Congratulations to you and all that attended and had a good time.

Shred Kiteboarding really enjoyed travelling back to Winnipeg, Manitoba and kite with kiters from Regina, Saskatchewan and the rest of Manitoba! We look forward to riding with them again at one or more of the Saskatchewan kiteboard events or anywhere else we can go kiteboarding in Canada!


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