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0720-21 Session | RRD Obsession 9m | RRD Bliss LTD Construction | RRD Rad Pads | Keho Lake Alberta

Shred Kiteboarding is enjoying some great windy days in Southern Alberta.  Friday provided some great time on the water riding medium to large kites.  Both the RRD Obsession 9 m and RRD Passion were the kites of choice during the day.  The Obsession 9m on 5-line mode provided for some great unhooked wakestyle riding and even some big low megaloops.  

The RRD Bliss LTD carbon construction kiteboard was also a favourite for riders with similar boards like the North Select and Carved Imperators - the RRD Bliss provided equal performance at a great price point.  The RRD Rad Pads are extremely comfortable on the feet providing ample cushioning on the bottom of the feet and good solid control of the board with the adjustable foot straps.  The Bliss and Rad Pads provided for some fun old school one-footers and board offs that I had not tried in years.

Later in the evening the efficient light wind powerhouse RRD Emotion made its appearance.  The 17m allowed for an extended session under the moonlight for G.B.

Click this link to see the RRD Obsession Kite

Click this link to see the RRD Emotion Kite

Click this link to see the RRD Bliss Kiteboard


Shred On!



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