It's a Furnace! The New 2020 Brunotti 6/4 Gravity Hooded Westuit

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It's a Furnace! The New 2020 Brunotti 6/4 Gravity Hooded Westuit

Brunotti Gravity Hooded Wetsuit | Winter | Conquer your Local Kite Spots Before Anyone Else!

The new 2020 Brunotti wetsuits are finally here and the Gravity 6/4 Hooded wetsuit is a lifesaver with these freezing fall temperatures! This 6 mm wetsuit is no joke, it will keep you seriously warm, and if the temperatures are not frigid it will leave you sweating!

This is a front-zip wetsuit with an integrated hood.  Front-zips minimize water flushing especially when matched with a hooded wetsuit.  The Brunotti Flexprene neoprene is the lightest and warmest neoprene on the market matched with the warm and fuzzy hexagon quick-dry lining.  Brunotti did not skimp on the hexagon lining - we've never seen a wetsuit with this much lining...Talk about maximum warmth!

Brunotti 6/4 Gravity Wetsuit | Warmest Wetsuit | Fall | Winter | Spring | Ice

Why a 6/4 thickness combo? Well the 4 mm thickness allows for maximum flexibility and range of motion in critical areas, let's face it we're not going scuba diving with lead weights, we're going out there and using our legs and arms to boost as high as possible and reach for those stylish grabs.  It's tough enough as is in cold weather, so Brunotti kept the slighly thinner neoprene to allow for all types of kiteboarding maneuvres.  On top of that the gravity hooded wetsuit is build with the Brunotti Flexprene neoprene which is stretchy and flexible.

There are limited quantities and sizes available.  We have a size Medium in our stock and ready for delivery right now - Click Here to Order.  Other sizes would require pre-order from the distributor.


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