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Kiteboarding in Grande Prairie Alberta isn't huge but it's definitely alive.  The Grande Prairie reports are typically seen on the Alberta Kite Crew Facebook group with the tagline Grande Prairie Checking in & Operation Kite more in effect.  Well I had some work to be completed in nothern BC and figured I could get a kitesurf session on my way back.  We kited at Bear lake just off a farmers field.

I launched the RRD Kiteboarding Obsession 9m kite with the Global V8 Bar in 4-line mode.  My kiteboard of choice was the RRD Kiteboarding Poison 136 cm.

The wind pushed water from the lake onto the edge of a low lying region of a field creating a shallow but kiteable slick.  Depths varied across the spot from less than 1 foot to less than 1 inch in depth!  At times it was hard to jump high as edging the kiteboard hard meant rubbing the mud with the base of the kiteboard causing drag and not allowing for tension to build in the lines for big jumps.

There were deeper areas to this slough where bigger kiteboarding jumps were possible and we were able to more or less safely land some kiteloops or megaloops.  We could even slash a few waves that snuck their way into the slick.  Riding outside the slick meant very choppy conditions but allows for kitesurfers to jump over bushes and land onto the shallow farmers slick.

It was a great kitesurfing session with local kiteboarders from Grande Prairie, Ablerta.  Looking forward to kitesurf near Grande Prairie again the next time I am in the area.

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