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0629 | RRD Obsession 9m Kite | Global V8 5-line Bar | Poison Kiteboard

Great day at Keho Kite ranch.  Kites were typically midrange.  The RRD Obsession 9m was a great choice for the day with flatwater and small chop.  The 4/3 zipless celcius pro never ceases to impress other riders with it's quality.  Board-wise I had 2 independent sessions, the first was a freestyle/wakestyle session on the RRD Poison 136 cm which popped well in the flat water and chop.  Second session was on the RRD Maquina 5'7''.  Did some strapless airs, missed a bunch of strapless backrolls and tacked for a while.  Overall a great day punctuated by hanging out with great people from Alberta and Regina, Saskatchewan.

Click this link to see the RRD Obsession 9m.

Click this link to see the RRD Celcius Pro Wetsuit.

Click this link to see the RRD Maquina 5'7'' LTD build kite surfboard.

Shred on!


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