Foil Kiteboarding East of Calgary Alberta | Macgregor Lake

Labour day Monday turned out to be an odd day for the kiteboarding wind in Alberta.  The forecast changed several times and directions varied across the province. A northern wind looked promising for kiteboarding in areas like Dalemeade, Lake Macgregor and Lake Newell.  Macgregor looked like a good call with adequate depth for foil kitesurfing and minimal weeds underwater.

Upon arriving at Macgregor the wind was not overly steady with moderate strength.  The choice was to take the Moses Foil kitesurf board and the RRD Kiteboarding Religion 8m Kitesurf kite and RRD Shield Carbon Harness.  

The setup was perfect with enough wind to foil on the RRD Religion 8m the kite allows for great drift and depower allowing for easy foiling.  The drift of the religion kite is good when riding downwind toward the kite.   The religions depower allow for kite foiling in higher winds/gusts without being overpowered. The RRD Shield Carbon Harness performed well providing good support to the lower back and ease and comfort when tacking upwind.

Although I am new to foil kitesurfing it worked out pretty well for my second time on a kiteboard foil.  I was able to tack back and forth across the lake with relative ease, and the numerous crashes at first.  Oddly enough riding switch seems easier for me.  I removed the back footstrap from the foilboard and moved my back foot further forward than where the strap was on my first session and it was a lot easier to ride. 

On our next Calgary, Alberta Kitesurf foil session I'll be working on touching down to the water for a jibe turn and immediately returning up on the foil.

Good luck to all the new Alberta, Canada foil kiteboarding riders out there.  The initial curve seems a bit dicey but overtime it works out.

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