Everyone needs a 5 m! Small Kite Promotion Sale

Everyone needs a 5 m! Small Kite Promotion Sale

Everyone Needs a 5 m!

Sunday was a wild and windy day in Southern Alberta.  The weekend was great with plenty of riders taking advantage of the warm southeasterly winds at Lake McGregor and Keho with plenty of Eleveight FS Kites to be seen in the 9 - 12 m kite range and board setups ranging from the Eleveight HCS+ setup up to the freestyle machine that is the Eleveight Commander kiteboard. 

On Sunday things were a bit different.  The morning was defined by a downpour worthy of a monsoon followed by the wind switching to a fierce westerly direction.  After several bottles of caulking to seal newfound leaks in trailers, kiters were eager to test the mettle of their small kites in some incessantly strong winds that were getting up into the 40 knots range.  There was plenty of smoke on the water - or mist from the disintegrating whitecaps flying horizontally off the lake.  In order to kite on Sunday a 5 m was the must have kite size and frankly I could of happily ridden a 4 m! 

On that note we are providing you with a 10% discount code on small size models of the Eleveight FS, RS and WS kites by using the code STRONGWIND at checkout.  The discount code is valid until the end of June.  If the code has expired and the winds are nuking and you want to go kiteboarding send us an email and we can extend the sale to you. When it's nuking we want you out there shredding!

Available promotion kite models and sizes:

Eleveight WS 5 m kite
Eleveight FS 6 m kite
Eleveight RS 5 m kite

Keep on shredding those wild and windy kiteboarding sessions!


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