Eleveight FS Kite Review!

Eleveight FS Kite Review!

Good afternoon shredders,

The Eleveight Kiteboarding FS kite is Guilly's kite of choice.  Why? Let's ask him:

I'm liking the FS for four key reasons: for one it's performance, two durability, three versatility, four price.

Performance wise the Eleveight FS kite is generally designed for more aggressive kiteboarders with an open or hybrid c-shape.  I like to try and push my wakestyle type of riding so I look for a kite that will slack off when popping unhooked off the water.  The FS kite provides this combined with good upwind ability.  Yes, a kite that slacks well is awesome but after landing (or crashing my trick) going back upwind into the "trick zone" or the butter spot is important.  Spending my time tacking upwind increases my expended effort and frustrates me.  With the FS kite going upwind is easier and quicker allowing for more trick attempts/repetitions.  Continuing on the performance end of the kite the kite turns quite quickly, which means KITELOOPS.  The Eleveight FS kite is fun to kiteloop and gives you confidence with its direct feel and turning speed that it will catch your kiteloops for easier landings. With kitelooping and general everyday kiteboarding your always going to want those big old boosts as well.  The FS kite really sends you out of the water with tremendous lift and aggressive pop.  Its more of a initial rapid spike in lift then a casual floating upward lift which can give you some adrenaline inducing high boosts.  This is performance that I think all freestyle riders and those aspiring to learn new wakestyle tricks, do massive boosts and megaloops want or need! That's performance to expect from the Eleveight FS kite.

Secondly durability.  Well we started Shred kiteboarding initially with kite repairs, and we liked the double entendre of shredded kites = kite repairs and to shred as meaning to ride hard and with skill - to rip if you may.  But with the durable build technique and material of all the Eleveight Kiteboarding kites we don't think we will be doing many repairs on any Eleveight kite in the next few years (hey, they still aren't resistant to trees and street signs...!) The Teijin material quality is top notch for long term resistance to the elements (we'll have a post explaining that as well), the X4 fabric means extra durability, and several design considerations give it that bombproof build quality that is, in our opinion one of if not the best in the industry.

Versatility. The Eleveight FS kite is labelled as a freestyle/freeride kite.  It does do both.  I have been riding the FS both as a dedicated freestyle kite, but also in the waves.  I've ridden the FS in surf in Cape Town and Cape Hatteras.  I was still happy to shred the Cape Town swell on the FS and do some massively long Hatteras ocean downwinders in some pumping storm swell.  The kite will still drift, ok not as well as the WS but decently well that I could link multiple backside turns with minor input on the kite. I've also been happily using the FS kite for foiling.  I've used the 7 and 9m in low winds and one daredevil-like high and gusty wind conditions.  I can park the kite and foil and even sit the FS at 12-o'clock and float downwind with the waves (in stronger winds).

Price wise, the Eleveight Kites are generally well priced compared to the other major brands on the market. Expect competitive pricing and savings versus the typical brands you've known of for years.  Plus at Shred Kiteboarding we are often making or ready to make quiver and package deals.  We will also do our best to beat competitors prices. Although I've kind of made the last two sentences about Shred's competitive pricing, Eleveight Kites overall are very well priced in the market with equal or better performance.

Overall if someone says to me they are looking to jump big, do hooked in or unhooked wakestyle tricks and do megaloops I will immediately recommend the Eleveight FS Kite.  Even for the kiteboarders that aren't looking for wakestyle unhooked tricks but rather everyday freeriding and hooked in tricks the FS is a solid choice.  A freestyle kite that is versatile and yearning to help your progression.  The FS kite is more than just another kite it can almost be considered as your supportive coach/buddy!

There you have it shredders.  Guilly is obviously stoked on the Eleveight FS kite.  You can purchase the Eleveight FS Kiteboarding kite right here at Shred kiteboarding. 

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