Eleveight FS Kite - Winner Best Freestyle Kite!! - The Kite Mag Test and Review

Eleveight, Product Review -

Eleveight FS Kite - Winner Best Freestyle Kite!! - The Kite Mag Test and Review

ELEVEIGHT FS - The Kite Mag Ultimate Test and Review

What's the best freestyle kite on the market?

The Eleveight FS kite!

Eleveight FS - Best Freestyle Kite Winner - The Kite Mag Ultimate Test Guide

That's right, after extensive testing The Kite Mag announced in its Ultimate Test Guide that the Eleveight FS was the winner of best "freestyle kite".  The test was completed in Dahkla, Western Sahara.  The test team included experience kiters ranging from 5 - 19 years of kiteboarding experience...they know their stuff.


Here is the written review on the Eleveight FS:

The FS is now in its third generation and pops its head firmly above the parapet as a solid contender with some of the most respected modern C shape kites on the market. It's a kite aimed for high-end progressive freestyle, with a modicum of ease of use thrown into the pot. This apparently goes hand in hand with Big Air and kite loop potential, so how does it measure up? It's a fairly high aspect five strut kite, with a fair amount of sweep in the tips running on a minimal bridle on a dedicated four-line platform. High-end materials are used throughout, with Teijin four core ripstop and a fairly generous amount of Dacron scalloped into the trailing edge and behind the struts. It looks like the sort of kite that can, and probably will, take a good kicking. Handily for you serious freestyles, there's a lot of size choice available, so you can really dial in that quiver. The FS also has quite a few trim options, allowing you to slow the kite down, and sit it back in the window a little for more technical freestyle, or make it punch forward more for Big Air and boosting. It's all been well thought out with tangible crossover functionality between both disciplines.

In the turns, the FS pivots from its wingtip providing a rewarding but progressive power surge as it whips around. What was very notable from all our testers' comments was that the pop and slack the FS develops post unhooking is exceptionally controllable, and the kite remains stable when going for a pass. You rarely mistime your pop on the FS. When you're out with boosting on the agenda and considering its performance potential, the FS handles the gusts without getting even slightly flustered, and with the steering speed set to max makes some impressive height with bags of control and power through loops.

Eleveight has done a great job of tuning a kite entirely aimed at the progressive twin-tip rider which works impressively in real-world, potentially less than perfect conditions. The FS remains forgiving enough for the intermediate while still having the key attributes of a true C kite, with power on demand, predictable slack and responsive turning it allows you to feel connected and engaged with the kite. You can tell there are some very experienced designers behind the Eleveight products. When you feel something as instantly entertaining and familiar as the FS in your hands, all it's going to do is help you improve as a rider. It's a flatwater performer of the very highest calibre.


Below are the technical specs and ratings provided in the Ultimate Test (ratings are defined within the Ultimate Test Guide linked at the bottom)


Eleveight FS Kite Technical Specs and Test Rating


Get a hold of us on the beach to demo the Eleveight FS Kite for yourself or click here to purchase the Eleveight FS.  Remember, we have a promo that includes a free WMFG pump with new Eleveight Kite(s) purchase.

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