Eleveight FS Kite Review - Freestyle / Wakestyle Kiteboarders are loving this one!

Eleveight FS Kite Review - Freestyle / Wakestyle Kiteboarders are loving this one!

Another post brought to you from beautiful Cape Hatteras, NC. We are getting closer to the end of our trip and have had more time riding the Eleveight FS (Freestyle Series) kite.

We brought our Eleveight FS kites from the snowy mountain lakes near Calgary, Alberta for some early season flat water kiteboarding here in Hatteras.  We tested the FS kite in both freestyle and freeride conditions (see our other recent blog post about the FS kite's freeride capabilities).

Out of the three kites in Eleveight's lineup, the FS is a standout for freestyle riders that want maximum jumping ability, megaloop performance and unhooked wakestyle aggression. 

In the Hatteras slicks, the FS is exceptional for unhooked wakestyle handle pass tricks and those adrenaline pumping mega loops. The short bridle system on this open-c kite provides a direct steering response from the kite to bar inputs. Direct feel also means that you know exactly where the kite is at all times during your tricks.

The open-c shape of the FS kite provides ample slack when pulling in into your handle pass allowing for that extra bit of slack to make the pass a little easier and quicker.  Teamed up with a good freestyle twin tip kiteboard (see the Brunotti Youri Zoon Pro) the FS will give you some awesome pop off the water when sitting at that 45-degree sweet spot.

Megaloops. The Eleveight Kiteboarding FS kite is at home doing mega loops all day long.  First and foremost, the kite has an amazing jumping ability sending you high off the water. With these amazing boosts, you can feel comfortable sending the kite for a mega loop knowing that the kite will catch you on the first loop.  The turning speed of the kite is ideal for generating powerful mega loops high above the water while catching you in time for the first loop and creating that forward speed on the second loop. If you like to megaloop, drop everything and purchase this kite from Shred! 

All in all, we are very excited to have the Eleveight FS kite in our lineup. It has proven to be a terrific freestyle kite for megaloops, wakestyle and those massive sendy boosts! 

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