Eleveight 2020 RS Review

Kitesurfing magazine completed a review of the Eleveight RS (freeRide Series) kite.  Yes be aware that Eleveight has released it's updated 2021 kite recently, however this review will help give you an idea of the quality and performance of the kite.  The 2021 RS slowly making their way here, so expect to see the new 2021 RS kite here soon.

Before getting too deep into the review the following updates were made for the 2021 Eleveight RS kite:

Packed with nifty features, we were able to enhance the performance of RS V4 even further. Riders will instantly notice that the kite delivers more feedback due to the shorter bridle geometry. This redesign also reduced bar pressure, minimizing the strain on the forearms. A new alignment of the tip struts decreases drag, resulting in faster flight speed and turning characteristics. We also updated the leading edge wingtip diameter, making the kite quicker to respond to steering impulses. Our new ultra-light load diffusers as well as the fully redesigned trailing edge with smart anti-vibration patches, eliminate unnecessary weight, while improving stability and longevity. The new RS gets everyone psyched in seconds.

KiteSurfing Mag Review:

SIZES TESTED (M): 9, 12 / SIZES AVAILABLE (M): 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 17 



A true Jack-of-all-trades kite, the RS V3 has precise handling, aggressive boost, is smooth and quick turning with adaptable performance across disciplines. 


The 2020 Eleveight RS V3 shows the refinement of a mature design that keeps getting better. Light and crisp, the RS has a delta shape canopy that’s framed with three struts. Designated as the freeride cross over kite in the Eleveight lineup, the RS has well rounded performance for anything you throw at it. Last season, Eleveight introduced X4 Technoforce canopy material that stiffened the canopy and enhanced power delivery and handling. For 2020 new material in the leading edge and a new bridle arrangement has improved the crisp handling and made the kite even more playful and precise. The RS is designed around a three strut platform and features a delta hybrid canopy shaping which is a classic and proven design shape for well-rounded performance. The RS feels light, crisp and solid in the air and offers quick steering and turn initiation and solid and direct feedback from the kite. This kite also has good low end power and the light weight design features let the RS excel in light air for some light wind foil sessions. The RS is also surprisingly easy to boost and offers great hang time. It holds its own against some of the top big boosting kites of the test. Also new for 2020 the adjustable bridle system can alter the way the RS turns from more pivot oriented ahead in the window. In the air the RS has easy to access power and offers smooth pull and can perform more drawn out turns that have some nice smooth pull, but also responds to more aggressive rider input. This is a kite that can be flown aggressively and it rewards the rider with smooth and predictable steering and even pull. Nice evolution in performance with new materials and bridle tweaks, the Eleveight RS is a great choice for the multi-disciplined, freeride junkie that wants a kite that sacrifices little and delivers performance. 


Not as much hang time or float as some of the more flat canopied five strut designs, but more sporty handling and versatile for performance across disciplines. 


The intermediate to advanced level rider that wants adaptable performance across disciplines 


(credit: https://kitesurfingmag.com/eleveight-rs-v3/)


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