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Lip FLO Floating Sunglasses | Best Universal Sunglasses for Water Environments

Save your eyes and your glasses with the floating Lip Flo sunglasses.  The universal watershade. Functional, versatile, & reliable both on and off the water, the FLO embodies what a universal watershade should be.  

The water repellent coating ensures the lenses stay clear of water droplets leaving an almost unobstructed field of vision.  A small amount of wind or apparent wind pushes away any droplets on the lenses with ease because of the water repellent coating. 

The floating frame ensures that your new Flo sunglasses will not end up on the bottom of the river lake or ocean!  Plus they keep you stylish for all you non-water based activities...These sunglasses are ideal for SUP tours, fishing, boating, canoeing, driving, paddling, patio beers, walking and biking, pretty much anything on an off the water.  If you are looking for sunglasses ideal for high movement watersports check out the Lip Typhoon or Surge sunglasses.


  • Polycarbonate or Polyamide (nylon) polarized / non-polarized lenses
  • High Contrast ZEISS and VIVIDE lens options
  • Hydrophobic, oleophobic and scratch resistant coatings on inner & outer lens surfaces
  • TR90 frame, extremely flexible, light-weight and durable
  • Buoyant & unsinkable thanks to FLOT8 technology
  • 8 base curve radius lenses for excellent peripheral vision
  • 100% UV protection


  • EVA case & microfibre cleaning bag
  • 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

    Benefits of Grey Smoke Lenses

    Lip Surge Sunglasses - Grey Lense Benefits

    The grey smoke lenses provide 10% visible light transmission.

    Benefits of Hydrophobic Lenses (picture on the right)

    Lip Sunglasses - Water and Oil Repellent Coating Benefits

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    Lip Flo Sunglasses | The Universal Floating Watershade for water sports