Eleveight RSeries RS Kite - V6

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The delta-hybrid powerhouse! The RS is extremely versatile and designed for limitless freeride performance with distinctive surf and freestyle characteristics.

The RS is Eleveight's best selling and most versatile kite.  The RS continues to get freeriders stoked in seconds. Version 6 (V6) is an all-round powerhouse, designed to tame any storm, boost massive airs, and master any kite spot.

With even smoother power generation and ultra direct feel, the RS delivers high-performance even when chasing waves or popping freestyle tricks.

Exceptional efficiency is achieved through the aerodynamic delta-hybrid design meaning a quiver of just two kites could cover the entire wind range. The construction features a medium to high aspect ratio with a huge angle-of-attack which also adds grunt and power. Dynamic speed, bags of hangtime and thrilling forward momentum make the RS kite truly stand out.

Packed with nifty features, the RS swiftly travels upwind no matter how gusty the conditions or choppy the water. The frame structure and load seam support the canopy for extra stability making it accessible to riders of all levels. V6 has been modified to give an enhanced bar feeling with direct feedback and a weight reduction has been achieved across all sizes.

With fast flight and turning characteristics, the RS is quick to respond with limitless riding potential. If you want to get psyched in seconds, try the new RS!

Peter Stiewe - Eleveight Kite Designer

 "The RS is a high-performance freeride kite with a huge sweet spot over an impressive wind range.  It is very well balanced and works for all riding styles."

Performance Features:

  • Precision three-strut delta-hybrid freeride kite with an ultra direct feel
  • Versatile performance for all riding styles across a huge wind range
  • Ultra-stable construction efficient in any condition
  • Plug and play with massive hangtime as well as easy upwind travel 
  • Designed to cover a massive wind range with easy upwind travel
  • Precise and fast with smooth turning characteristics


Product Video

 RS V6 Informational Pictograms

Eleveight RS Riding Style

Eleveight RS Hangtime

Eleveight RS Wind Range

Eleveight RS Turning Characteristics

Eleveight RS Aspect Ratio

 Eleveight RS Sweep