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The OS is advancing the boundaries of light wind performance, allowing riders to take-off in the slightest breeze. It is the one tool all foil riders need for their quiver.

NOTE: 2021 OS Kites are pre-order until shipments arrive to North America in late summer. Anticipate your fun!

Design Vision 

Riding light wind with the OS is pure happiness. Even more so with Version 2 of our dedicated foil and freeride kite, as every inch of material delivers outstanding performance, no matter how thin the breeze. Launch this feather-light kite in well below 10 knots and discover a whole new world of kiteboarding. The Open-C design comes with outstanding agility, a massive sweet spot, and direct control. Though it is remarkably dynamic, the kite is easy to tame as the steering is well-defined and precise. The power deployment is astonishingly smooth, which comes in handy when looping the kite during transitions while switching the stance. The fluid movements in the sky naturally transfer to the rider below.


Performance Features:

  • One strut mid-swept hybrid design for foiling and freeriding
  • Highly responsive performance kite with dynamic turning speed
  • Optimized aspect ratio for superior light wind performance
  • Backstall-proof design and automatic relaunch characteristics
  • Feather-light design with ultra-durable quality materials

      Updates for 2021:

      Following the feedback of kiteboarders all over the world, we made some upgrades to the OS. We started by decreasing the aspect ratio while adding more sweep to the wingtips. These adjustments highly improved stability, especially in stronger winds and gusts. Testing the latest performance-materials, we replaced the regular XT fabric with the innovative Extreme Light High-Tenacity fabric (XT LIGHT),  a brand new material that is lighter yet stronger. We also used this material in our completely reworked trailing edge, which we equipped with anti-vibration patches, effectively reducing flutter. Making those modifications, we were able to develop a much sturdier kite that is even lighter than before. Hence it is more agile and covers a wider wind range. Add the OS to your quiver and take off in any breeze.

      Eleveight OS OneStrut Riding Style

      Eleveight OS One Strut Jumping Style

      Eleveight OS OneStrut Wind Range

      Eleveight OS One Strut Wind Range

      Eleveight OS One Strut Aspect Ratio

      Eleveight OS One Strut Sweep

      Peter Stiewe - Eleveight Kite Designer

      "Building a lightweight yet durable construction is a tough challenge, a challenge we met by combining high-tech materials with innovative development techniques."

      Eleveight OS Trusted E/8 Build Quality