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Exploding into 2021 is the new Eleveight FreestyleSeries, or FS for short, Kite.  Eleveight`s flagship freestyle kite - revolutionary Open-C design fine-tuned for the ultimate freestyle and big air maneuvers.

Version 4 of our radical freestyle and big air flagship has arrived. The FSeries activates explosive high-performance characteristics allowing you to boost higher, loop harder, and pop more aggressively than ever before. It is tailored to the needs of professional riders while ensuring that the performance is accessible even to less advanced riders too. The Open-C design has all the traits of a genuine C-kite such as direct control, explosive lift, and a wide angle-of-attack that comes into play when looping the kite or popping out of the water. It is the most progressive kite design a rider can choose. Still, the kite is incredibly stable, covers a huge wind range, and swiftly takes the rider upwind.

Performance Features:

  • Five-strut Open-C design for radical freestyle and big air maneuvers
  • High-performance design for advanced action
  • High aspect ratio for explosive power and vertical lift
  • Lots of line slack for advanced freestyle tricks
  • Great upwind performance and exceptional stability
  • Superior materials like X4 canopy and XT cloth made by Techno Force™

Changes for 2021:

To improve this iconic kite even further, Eleveight implemented a few subtle as well as a few more daring changes into this year’s version. Most noticeably, we reworked the canopy curve, improving the load distribution. This modification results in more raw power, especially when sheeted in or during air-time. By introducing a completely new lightweight trailing edge with anti-vibration patches and new load diffusers, we not only enhanced the longevity of the kite by eliminating canopy flutter, but more importantly, we also managed to shave off a significant amount of weight. Version 4 is more agile and dynamic than ever before. This effect is enhanced by the new alignment of our strut tips, which reduces tip drag. Looping a kite has never been more accessible and fun. Furthermore, we shifted the bridles closer to the wingtips to increase the direct bar feedback, giving riders a better feel for their kite, especially during maneuvers such as handle passes. Don’t limit yourself, tear down your inner demons and get flying with the FS. 

Arthur Guillebert - Eleveight Pro Kiteboarder

"The FS is made for radical maneuvers. It combines leading materials with a cutting edge design to deliver explosive power when going for the next boost."

Eleveight FS Riding Style Chart

Eleveight FS Jumping Performance

Eleveight FS Wind Range

Eleveight FS Turning Performance

Eleveight FS Aspect Ratio

Eleveight FS Kite Sweep

Even the Kite Mag ultimate test team thinks this is the best freestyle kite on the market (2020)

Eleveight FS Kite - The Kitemag Test Freestyle Kite Winner

''Eleveight Kiteboarding's FS kite serves the needs of riders going for performance freestyle or radical freeride. The Open-C design with high aspect ratio, low sweep and short bridles is made for extreme kite loops and technical handlepass tricks. Despite its high-performance DNA, the FS is easy to handle, which makes it accessible to a large audience of kiteboarders, intermediate and newer riders can and will enjoy the FS in all types of real-world wind conditions.  However, when required the FS kite is stealthily waiting and ready to help kiteboarders of all levels elevate their freestyle tricks to another level.

...High end materials are used throughout with Teijin four core ripstop and a fairly generous amount of Dacron scalloped into the trailing edge and behind the studs. It looks like the sort of kite that can, and probably will, take a good kicking...

...You can tell there are some very experienced designers behind the Eleveight products when you feel something as instantly entertaining and familiar as the FS in your hands all it's going to do is help you improve as a rider. It's a flatwater performer of the very highest calibre.'' The Kite Mag