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Dedicated to wing foiling, the Evolve is compact and stable with an easy take-off and balanced stability that maximizes your session.

Performance features

  • Dedicated durable board range for advanced wing foilers
  • Compact shape for enhanced stability and volume distribution
  • Lighter CVC construction optimised for wing foiling
  • Adjustable inserts and track mount system for customised setup
  • Wide range of volume choices suitable for all levels


Dedicated to wing foiling

The Evolve V3 is a versatile and durable board developed specifically for wing foiling with a wide range of volume choices suitable for all levels. Fully adjustable to suit your riding stance, the Evolve has a 2 x 4 track mount system for easy foil position tweaks offering 90mm lateral spacing. Various foot strap options are also achievable via the V-strap inserts.

 Compact shape

The short and wide platform is shaped for enhanced stability and volume distribution. This allows for easy take-offs and offers a balanced feel once on the foil. Narrow bevelled rails make touchdowns smooth and optimise carving ability, and the double concave to flat bottom shape offers soft landings as well as early planning. The included full deck pad with tail kicker keeps your grip secure.

 Available in a wide range of sizes

V3 is available in a large variety of sizes. In the larger Evolve model, the 5.8 and 5.2 are the biggest sizes and more suited to beginners as well as heavier riders in need of a board with more volume. The more compact smaller 5.0 and 5.1 sizes are optimised for intermediates giving a more dynamic and playful ride highly suited to wave and freeride conditions.

 Lightweight and durable construction

The Evolve V3 is now much more lightweight thanks to the new lighter CVC construction which does not compromise durability. PVC reinforcements in the stance area add extra protection, and the full 3K carbon layers also offer stiff flex. Our combination of construction materials allows for easy glide and planing with enhanced stability.

 New for V3

In addition to the new lightweight construction, the mid to high-volume boards have an optimised shape for earlier and more stable take-offs. The foil track position has moved forward and the standing position has been optimised. The Evolve V3 has revised volume distribution and positioning to accommodate the RSF and a range of modern hydrofoils.

Who is it for?

Wing foil riders of all disciplines and stages will enjoy the compact size and enhanced features of the Evolve to take your session to the next level.