Thruster Fin Set

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Fibreglass Honeycomb Core Thruster Fin Set FCS Plugs

These fibreglass fins with honeycomb cores are a great fin that provides a good and crisp response to your surfboard.  This shape provides a good balance of speed, drive and maneuverability. The fin set come in either a G3 or G5 size (G3 - M; G5 - L).  These fins will fit your thruster (three fin) surfboard equipped with FCS plugs.

Approximate Specs:

G3 - base: 104 mm; height: 113 mm; sweep: 36 deg; IFT foil; 8600 mm2

G5 - base: 111 mm; height: 115 mm; sweep: 33 deg; IFT foil; 9582 mm2