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Your kite is torn...unlucky, but it happens.

I've been repairing my own kites for years...I once had to cut the trailing edge of a kite to help it out of a tree, at about 20 ft above ground.  That kite was impaled on so many branches.  Took 25 ft of ripstop nylon to repair that canopy.  I've kept on doing repairs on my own and close friends' kites since then.


I clean the canopy material around the tear, then I line up the tear, square by square and tape both sides of the canopy with ripstop nylon repair tape.  Following the taping I make a three point zig-zag stitch on both sides of the tear to keep the tape in place and add strength to the repair.  Stitched tape repairs will never tear again as the repair is very strong.

I use high quality UV resistant thread for all repairs and can use various colours of repair tapes, although white/clear is typically the best bet for minimal visual impact.

Contact me for prices.  Drop-off or ship to me (Calgary, Alberta), I have access to great rates for return shipping.