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The RRD Obsession MK10 is one of the best freestyle kites available on the market.  These kites perform very well with rapid response and great pop. 

Match with one Global 4-line bar and one Global 5-Line bar and you've got yourself a versatile kite.  In 4-line mode the kite is enjoyable for any rider.  The kite is very reactive to inputs with fast turning/looping making for a great freestyle kite.  In this mode the depower is at it's best, I've ridden it as a wave kite and it's performed nicely with fast turning ability, and good drift. 

Switch the Obsession to 5-line mode for a powerful and steady wakestyle kite that offers great pop off the water and a nice slack on the lines.

This is a versatile kite that makes a great three kite quiver. 

Shred is selling a team rider used (1 season) 3 kite quiver which includes 6-9-12m kites plus 2 x bar&line sets (4-line & 5-line), pump and RRD baseball cap, at this great price!

More info available here on RRD's Website
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Jerrie Van Der Kop about the Obsession MK10 kite: “I am so stoked that the Obsession MK10 is here! By competing on the Red Bull King of the Air in 40+ conditions, equipment is really important. The new Obsession is a special kite because of its stability. By tuning the design of the tips a bit comparing to last year the high end of the kite went even higher! Which means bigger and higher jumps! Beside the stability, the kite is also really smooth with an aggressive pop which is perfect for your freestyle and wakestyle moves. The Obsession MK10 also comes with a bridle set up. To make this hardcore 5th line C kite a bit more friendly for you. By taking of the 5th line and adding a little bridle, the Obsession MK10 has also a 4line bridle setup. Which I like for easy riding, boosting jumps or even some foiling… The Obsession MK10 comes with several tuning options for more or less bar pressure. You can also adjust the turning speed for faster and slower turning. On the 5th line setup I use the middle setting on the powerlines and the fastest setting on the back lines. For me the kite feels really smooth in this setting and I feel perfectly where my kite is in the wind window.”

Julien Leleu about the Obsession MK10 Kite: What I love about the Obsession MK10 is that we as pro-riders can ride it as a 5- line kite and get the full freestyle and wakestyle performance out of it, but at the same time I can let riders during my coaching clinics or my dad for example use it for doing some big airs, work on their freestyle progression and slash a couple of waves down the line and they would ride it on the 4 line set-up which takes just a couple of minutes to switch around, this way we get best of both worlds, which is amazing. Next to that I just feel super confident on this kite, I ride it a lot in 4 line set-up myself as well. I broke my knee in the past while doing a megaloop, but with this kite I am back in throwing big loops again, cause I trust it and know it will always come up after the loop.


Available for delivery (Depending on time and location within Alberta: Calgary, Keho, Old Man Dam, Red Deer, Sylvan Lake, Gull Lake) or ship to kiteboarders and kitesurfers in Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, PEI, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nunavut, NWT, Yukon, USA, you name it we'll get it there for you to enjoy your kite.