Eleveight CS Vary Control Bar

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Eleveight Kiteboarding's CS Vary control bar unites the highest safety standards and leading performance features in one variable yet ultra-intuitive system.

Outstanding safety features with remarkable steering precision, the four-line CS Vary bar is fine-tuned to work with the complete Eleveight kite range. Safety, control, and comfort are united in one easy to use intuitive system. New for V4 is redesigned bar ends and floaters for a better fit as well as line protection. The red safety line is also more tightly braided to increased longevity, and the pigtails are stronger for a more durable connection. The new reinforced EVA grip additionally reduces wear and tear. The CS has a single front line safety system and the Quick Matic release aces all international safety tests and standards just by clicking in to lock, or pushing away to release. Variable bar ends allow you to adjust the bar width in a matter of seconds, and the design is slick to reduce strain on the hands.

Performance Features:

  • Four line bar with single front line safety
  • Adjustable bar width thanks to integrated variable bar ends
  • Thermo-coated high-precision lines made in Germany
  • Innovative Quick-Matic release system with top swivel
  • Ergonomic anti-slip EVA grip pattern for comfort and control

Design Considerations:

The low V and highest quality thermo-coated lines from Germany enhance reactivity and ensure direct control. The bar’s slick stick is designed to reduce strain on the hands, enabling the rider to enjoy extra-long sessions.  The single depower line is wear-and-tear resistant and comes with a strong inner core and a spliced Spectra coating that reduces friction and extends durability. 

The CS Vary elevates safety and control to new heights.

Eleveight CS Vary Bar Quick-Matic Chicken Loop Release Diagram

Eleveight CS Vary Bar Single Front Line Safety System Diagram

Eleveight CS Vary Bar Single Depower Line

Eleveight CS Vary Bar Line Adjustments

Eleveight CS Vary Bar Width Adjustment System

Eleveight CS Spec Lengths


Designer Quote - Peter Stiewe


The CS Vary’s design is very slick and functional and features outstanding safety, control and comfort characteristics.


 Eleveight CS Vary Bar Construction and Design Quality Features